Thursday 01

0900 1000    Registration/coffee

1100     Official opening with welcome speech by:

Paul Archbold; Irving Finkel and Richard Dumbrill

1200     Lunch (University restaurants at Senate House, Birkbeck College or at the School of Tropical Medicine)

The Oud in Near-Eastern Antiquity

Chair: Frédéric Billiet

1400     Piotr Michalowski: Strings and Things: The Cultural Space of String Instruments in Early Mesopotamia.

1500     Theo Krispijn: The Lute in Ancient Mesopotamia and its Socio-Cultural Context.

1600     Coffee/tea break

1630     Richard Dumbrill: The Oud from its possible Uruk origins origins in the iconography and the philology, and subsequent developments during the Akkadian period.

1730     Margaux Bousquet: A small lute from the Sukkalmah period of Susa and its reconstruction.

1800     Round table on the topics of the session.

Friday 2

The Oud in the Middle East

Chair: Amine Beyhom

0900     Malcolm Miller: The ‘Ud as a symbol of Middle-Eastern Cultural Dialogue: Radical Fusions in Recent Concert Music in Israel.

1000     Kiki Kennedy-Day: The veil and the oud: female musicians in the Islamic world

Assistant professor in the Dept. of Religious Studies at Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY

1100     Coffee Break

1130     Taiseer Elias: The Oud – From Folk to Symphonic Music.

1230     Amine Beyhom: Presentation of NEMO-Online.


1300     Lunch break

The Oud in Ancient Egypt

Chair: Piotr Michalowski

1400     Ricardo Eichmann: Extant lutes from the New Kingdom and the Coptic Period of Ancient Egypt.

1500     Peter Zamarovský and  Dagmar Krejčí: An unusual depiction of a lute in the tomb of Rekhmire.

1600     Tea break

1630     Philippe Brunet: The absence of the lute in Archaic and Classical Greek organology.

1730     Round table on the topics of the session.

Saturday 3

The Oud in the Western and Eastern Mediaeval Period

Chair: Irving Finkel

1000     Amine Beyhom: Two Persistent Misapprehensions about the ‘ūd.

1100     Coffe break

1130     David Halperin:  The Rasâ’il Ikhwân al-Safâ’of the Ikhwan al-Safa:  The seventh section on the making of instruments and their tuning, their construction and stringing.

1230     Lunch break

Chair: Richard Dumbrill

1400     Frédéric Billiet: Presentation of Musicastallis. “Playing the luth” in medieval iconography.

1500     Matthias Wagner: The making of the modern oud.

1600     Tea break

1630     General round table discussion.

Dinner at a local restaurant for about £20 each wines excluded.

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