Beyhom and Dumbrill at USEK


Amine Beyhom and Richard Dumbrill represented ICONEA at USEK (University of the Holy Spirit, Kaslik) Lebanon 12-14th of July 1012. This International conference was about ‘The role of musical patrimony in the formation of classical Arabian music and its development’.






Amine Beyhom






Richard Dumbrill, left.

Bruno de Florence has been awarded an ICONEA Fellowship for his important contribution to ICONEA Seminars.

His lectures included the following:

Between Freudian Libido and Lacanian Jouissance: the X Factor of Emotion in Musicology, and its Sublime Object a;

Between Truth and Knowledge: The Lacanian Contribution to Musicology;

The Epistemological Framework of Musicology: Aristotle, Descartes and Lacan.

The Academic Board of ICONEA warmly congratulates Bruno de Florence for his excellence.

Richard Dumbrill and Margaux Bousquet represented ICONEA at the DAMASCUS CONFERENCE, ORIENTAL LANDSCAPE which was a great success. The Director of the Museum of Damascus has invited Richard Dumbrill to examine many objects excavated from various sites in Syria which have not yet been registered, in the hope that some of them will relate to archaeomusicology. Richard Dumbrill should go back for this assignment during the spring of 2012. The British Council, the Institut Francais du Proche Orient and the Danish Institute of Damascus have offered help to facilitate research of students under the supervision of Richard Dumbrill, for their field studies in the Middle East.

In Lebanon, Richard Dumbrill and Amine Beyhom have drawn agreements between their own institutions in the launching of NEMO-Online, a review of Mediterranean Musicology.